Vitoria to New York: the new route

The Basque Government and some institutions have confirmed they have received with great interest the offer of an American airline to open a route from the Basque Country to New York from the airport of Foronda, Vitoria, because the Basque airport has more favorable technical conditions for operation intercontinental flying.

Both, the executive and the other entities preferred, however, to be caution and did not disclose the name of the company to avoid any bad managements from any institution.

The Basque government admitted that it takes time to work on viable alternatives, on the one hand, to establish new routes and attracting more tourists, and another, promote an airport like the Foronda, that when it opened in 1980 was called to be the major airport Basque because of its privileged location and technical dimensions, and now languishing in terms of passengers, with one scheduled flight to Madrid to cease operations on March 1. In goods, yes, Foronda is a national reference. It is the fourth move more cargo airfield, just behind Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza.

Vitoria to New York: the new route
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