Weather forces to cancel flights in the U.S.

The website that provides air traffic information, said today the airline canceled more than 2,000 flights, especially at airports in Chicago and Houston, where an ice storm  was predicted. Since Monday, there’s have been canceled more than 15,000 flights in the United States.

What is unusual about this storm is the diversity and broad scope of affected areas. The biggest problem facing the U.S. federal authorities, is that low temperatures, up to 15 degrees below zero, has become the snow on the ground in a slippery and dangerous ice.

The storm has caused power cuts in states that do not usually deal with low temperatures, such as Texas, to the “unprecedented demand” for energy, said Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The alert remains in southern states like Alabama and Louisiana, where on Wednesday there were thunderstorms.

Weather forces to cancel flights in the U.S.
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