What kids want

When you travel with your family, there’s a bunch of things to consider. Specially if there’s kids envolved. ‘Cause when the whole family goes out, you will try to satisfy all of them.

A good idea to expend some good time is to bring games, books or movies to watch in your laptop, just something they can play with and not get bored during the flight. Always ask for pillows and extra blankets just in case.

When you get to the airport, stay all together. A big building, a big crowd, lots of places to hide.

Once in the plane help them out with the flight attendants instructions.

Check out in the airline and in the hotel: If there’s any kind of disccount for kids. If they have kids menus and games they can play.  Ask about family-oriented movies and cable stations (in the Hotel).

Find out with plenty time what activities can your children do once they are there.

And you can also ask if the airline or the hotel offer a children’s program.

But most important of all: don’t forget about what kids want and have fun!


What kids want
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